Developmental Psychology

Our algorithm is based on how humans develop behaviorally.

We use the Model of Hierarchical Complexity. Development is marked by stages. At each stage, individuals achieve new problem-solving abilities, that are based upon previous stage achievements. This is shown mathematically, using sequential orders of hierarchical complexity of problems. The sequence is universal. It applies to a developmental scale and evolutionary scale. This is its biggest value.

The MHC discovered a sequence of 17 stages of development (or orders of hierarchical complexity), from 0 to 17.

In adulthood, the highest stage humans usually achieve is between 10 and 11 (abstract and formal stages). But they can go up until stage 17 (metacrossparadigmatic).

Chimpanzees are the species that achieve the highest stage after humans, stage 8 or 9.

Other animals follow.

Elephants achieve stage 5.

Corvids achieve stage 4.

Ants achieve stage 3. This is where AI is at the moment.