Our Work

The Self Stacked Systems algorithm is a self-generative and self-improving general-intelligence algorithm.

We use theories and approaches never used before.

We coordinate different fields of study and use methods to come up with transversal laws across them.

Why is developmental psychology extremely important?

All organisms develop. As they develop, they use current resources to get better at solving problems. We want AI to solve problems on its own in a similar fashion.

Developmental psychology states that development goes in stages. Using stages of development also guides the degree of intelligence of an AI system.

In adulthood, the highest stage humans usually achieve is between 10 and 11 (abstract and formal stages). But they can go up until stage 17 (metacrossparadigmatic).

Chimpanzees are the species that achieve the highest stage after humans, stage 8 or 9.

Elephants achieve stage 5.

Corvids achieve stage 4.

Ants achieve stage 3. This is where AI is at the moment. (Briefly explain!)